Macaulay Culkin could’ve written for the WWE

There is no shortage of pro-wrestling fans, but there’s something especially delightful when random celebrities unmask themselves as followers of sports entertainment. Surely, these names will be of no surprise for fans deep into the sport. But for the rest of us, it’s a whole new world.

Joining the list of surprising fans, Macaulay Culkin appeared on Freddie Prinze Jr.’s wrestling podcast, Wrestling With Freddie. Yup, the star of She’s All That has something in common with your friends from high school: He has a wrestling podcast. But unlike them, Prinze has also been working off and on with WWE since 2008.

Curiously, though, despite being in a position to work in the industry, Culkin says that he “never got around to it.” When Prinze asks him why he never wrote for WWE, Culkin says:

Oh man, there were times when I wanted to, like kind of just find six months of my life at the very least just to kinda go in there and stuff. I will say I kind of regret not [writing for WWE]—now that I’m a dad I barely have time to pee at this point, you know what I mean? I just never got around to it, there was always something.

However, Culkin, a longtime fan who dabbled has appeared on WWE television and consulted for the company, believes the biggest name in sports entertainment has lost its way. He, like many others, cannot bear to watch one more Brock Lesnar-Roman Reigns pay-per-view. “How many times can we watch the same match?” he said.

“I think the WWE has lost focus on all this. I think there is some kind of master plan – they’re bringing in all these new people,” Culkin said. “I mean, personally, I think they’re gonna sell, regardless of what they say. I think Vince [McMahon] doesn’t think anyone in his family can do this.”

The whole conversation reveals a side of Culkin and Prinze we don’t usually see, particularly for those who don’t know what huge fans they are.

Listen to the whole episode on iHeart Radio’s My Cultura Network.

Источник: Lifehacker