First look: Guy Fieri and Jim Belushi talk weed in Growing Belushi season 2

The number of celebrities with their own weed brands and/or farms has grown considerably in the last decade or so—everyone from Melissa Etheridge and Willie Nelson to Jaleel White and Carlos Santana has branched out into the canna-business. In 2015, Jim Belushi joined their ranks with Belushi Farm, a 93-acre farm in southern Oregon, where he grows such strains as Belushi’s Secret Stash, The Blues Brothers, and something called “The Smell Of SNL.”

The According To Jim and Twin Peaks: The Revival star has long felt that marijuana can “support and help” your “health, trauma, and family.” He’s also partnered with MediaPlanet to advocate for a fair and equitable cannabis industry. It’s fair to say he takes this pretty seriously—Belushi even documented his weed business in the Discovery series, Growing Belushi, the second season of which will premiere on January 19.

Now that viewers have gotten their heads around Jim Belushi, Weed Farmer, Growing Belushi season two offers more of the inner workings of the farm, including the growing rivalry between Belushi’s children/heirs. It’s also time for the show to dial up the guest-star appearances, starting with Guy Fieri, who leaves Flavortown long enough to pay Belushi a visit in this exclusive first look at the new season.

Along with a debate over the proper pronunciation of “Fieri”—pro tip: don’t be afraid to roll the “r”—this preview features a fair amount of Dan Aykroyd, who seems dismayed by what’s happened to the Blues Brothers strain but still makes time to jam with his old friend, as well as what looks like a barn fire. Belushi’s still getting the hang of things as a weed entrepreneur, but he’s also poised to take his business national (just look at the impressive “inventory” at the 1:11 mark in the clip). There’s no hint at whether the actor-musician ever got those highly desired anime recommendations, but we like to think that the break room at Belushi Farm has a TV playing Blue Seed (which, come to think of it, is another good name for a strain).

Growing Belushi season two premieres Wednesday, January 19 at 10 p.m. ET on Discovery.

Источник: Lifehacker